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Dont Wordle game

Dont wordle

How to play Dont wordle?

In Wordle, the goal is to guess a particular 5 letter word in 6 or fewer tries. In Don't Wordle, the goal is to NOT guess the word.

The catch is that your word attempts must respect the information you have learned in previous guesses.

What is Worldw ?

Wordle is a word-guessing game that has become popular in Europe and America. It was developed by a software engineer named Josh Wardle who lives in Brooklyn, USA. The game was initially developed as a small experiment to please Josh Wardle's girlfriend, but it became popular among his friends and family, so he decided to release this puzzle game online.

🟩 - Once you place a letter correctly, then future guesses must contain that same letter in the same position
🟨 - Once you place a correct letter in an incorrect location, then future guesses must contain that letter in a different location
⬜ - Once letters have been guessed and eliminated, then you can no longer use them

The number of valid words remaining appears at the top, and it will shrink with each guess. If the number gets too low, you can use one of your "UNDOs" to reverse course.

Be careful! If you accidentally enter the Wordle word, the game is over even if you have some UNDOs remaining.